Our goal is high quality and cost competitive products, delivered on-time.  We help deliver on these goals through our innovative approach in all facets of what we do.  Stone Plastics never accepts “good enough”.  If the best solution for our organization is not available, we will use our expertise to customize our own solution. From custom scheduling software to custom process monitoring systems, our team is dedicated to an innovative approach for getting the job done the best way possible.


Stone Plastics understands how critical the upfront work is to ensure repeatable parts and processes over the course of the production lifecycle.  That’s why we have a dedicated Launch Team to handle every new product launch.  This includes the sourcing, design and development of the injection mold, process prove-out, dimensional verification and PPAP. Our team undertakes a systematic and structured approach that is driven by data.  We have undergone extensive training in the use of MiniTab and DOE’s so that these tools can be used to develop the best process to ensure quality, repeatable products for our customers.


Frontier is a Stone Plastics designed custom scheduling system that allows easy visibility of future part orders and current production status.  Frontier consists of a simple to use interface with color coded system that allows our planning and production teams to know exactly what parts to schedule and when so that parts are always available to ship on time.


“HAL” is what we call our custom data collection system developed by Stone Plastics.  HAL collects 19 outputs, such as fill time, cycle time, mold and melt temperature.  Additionally, HAL generates profile data of the molding process, using machine hydraulic pressure and screw position.  This data is continuously stored on a server and can be recalled at any time to verify set-up, assist with troubleshooting or for training purposes.  HAL is just another example of how Stone Plastics develops innovative solutions to deliver quality products to our customers.

ATOS Scanning

Stone Plastics has made an essential investment in a powerful analysis tool called ATOS Blue Light Scanning. This touch less measurement system allows us to create a 3D model of a part, tool, etc. so we can compare it against the original 3D CAD data.  This tool is not only valuable for part measurement and analysis, but we also utilize this capability to ensure our tools are being maintained to the same level as they were at the original PPAP submission.