Stone Plastics prides itself in utilizing scientific molding principles to develop robust molding processes. We begin the process by performing a rigorous mold tryout (RMT) on all new molds.  We then conduct DOE studies and utilize MiniTab software to perform an analysis on process optimization.  These are then followed up with extensive molding studies to confirm our results.  We monitor our processes with custom software to ensure we provide a stable and repeatable process so our customers are provided with the highest quality parts over the course of the entire program.  Please utilize the links below to learn more about the molding processes we offer.

Custom Injection Molding

Many of our molding machines are two shot machines which allow two different types or colors of resin to be injected into the same mold producing parts such as an automotive tail light lens or a rigid part with a soft flexible gasket molded as a single unit. This process can often eliminate secondary assembly costs.

2-Shot Molding

We have extensive experience providing quality 2-shot components to our customers.  The 2-shot process allows for either chemical or mechanical bonding of 2 resins of different color or type.  This method can be utilized to eliminate secondary assembly processes and thus reduce total part costs.  See below for examples of 2-shot parts that Stone Plastics currently manufactures.

Insert Molding

Insert Molding is a valuable process for helping to reduce assembly time and costs, while improving part reliability and offering designers flexibility with part design.  Stone Plastics offers insert molding capabilities in both horizontal and vertical injection molding machines.  Our Manufacturing Engineering team will design and build the integrated robotic equipment into a cellular manufacturing environment in order to improve efficiency and increase repeatability.